Sunday, 14 April 2013

Some useful Unix commands

Unix commands 

Hey guys I am here to introduce you about some UNIX commands which are generally used :-

1-These commands allow you to create directories and handle files.

Commands      Function

cat                     Display File Contents

cd                      Changes Directory to dirname

chgrp               change file group

chmod              Changing Permissions
cp                     Copy source file into destination
file                    Determine file type
find                  Find files
grep                 Search files for regular expressions.
head                 Display first few lines of a file
ln                     Create softlink on oldname
ls                      Display information about file type.
mkdir              Create a new directory dirname
more                Display data in paginated form.
mv                   Move (Rename) a oldname to newname.
pwd                 Print current working directory.
rm                    Remove (Delete) filename
rmdir                Delete an existing directory provided it is empty.
tail                   Prints last few lines in a file.
touch               Update access and modification time of a file.

2-These commands are used for zipping the file-

Commands             Function

compress                 Compress files
gunzip                      Uncompress gzipped files
gzip                         GNU alternative compression method
uncompress             Uncompress files
unzip                        List, test and extract compressed files in a ZIP archive
zcat                          Cat a compressed file
zcmp                        Compare compressed files
zdiff                          Compare compressed files
zmore                        File perusal filter for crt viewing of compressed text

Hope this will help you all enjoy......Bye .